• Facilty Rental Information


    Are you looking to rent the GSL facilities for an event, meeting, special occasion, or birthday party?  GSL Community Education coordinates all facility requests for our community. Listed below are the forms that must becompleted to start the facility rental process:

    • NEW - ONLINE FACILTY REQUEST - for those who have internet access, please use the online facility requet feature first.    Simply click here to start the process.  For first time users you will need to register to BE A REQUESTER first, for return requesters simply login and sumbit your request.
    • GSL FACILTY USE REQUESTS FORMS must include the following information:
      • The time of building occupancy, include the calendar daysand times of the specific day(s).
      • A list of special equipment need by the group (if any).
      • Size of space need and approximate number of people in the group.
      • The signature of a representative of the group who will be responsible for the group's activities, behavior and rental payment.

    Please submit the completed forms to GSLCommunity Education office which is located in the Panther Field House.

    General Information:

    The use of all school facilities will be arranged through the Community Education which is located in the Panther Field House. It is our intention that the use of school facilities are available whenever possible for the community.  School programs, activities, and community education groups receive priority for scheduling over other community groups. 

    If you have any questions about facility rental, please contact 320-864-2690.